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Shine Chiropractic, Dr. Kayla, Kayla Beardsley, prenatal chiropractor

Dr. Kayla Beardsley

Owner of Shine Chiropractic

& Chiropractor

Serving you, wholeheartedly

Thank you for thinking of me as one of your health care providers; I am thrilled to be serving you and your family. 

Shine Chiropractic was created with you in mind, offering a warm and welcoming space where you can receive compassionate chiropractic care. My passion lies in supporting women as they journey through pregnancy into motherhood, and caring for their little ones following birth. To better serve these special populations, I have become Webster's technique certified and am currently pursuing post-graduate specialization with the International Chiropractic Association (ICA). In April 2020 I will have earned my Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (DICCP). Hearing kiddos laugh throughout their adjustment and hearing a woman's birthing story are two of my favorite things about being a chiropractor.

I believe a healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy birth, a healthy child, and eventually a healthy community. My ultimate ​goal is to empower you as we strive towards your health and lifestyle goals.

Let your health Shine! 

Dr. Andres Long


Since high school, I have wanted to pursue a career in medicine. While in undergrad I shadowed, observed, and interned for many hours at my university’s medical school and hospital. I quickly realized how symptom and prescription focused the medical field was. I struggled with the thought of prescribing pharmaceuticals to treat and mask patients’ symptoms rather than finding the root of the issue.


Through this journey to becoming a doctor, I came to the conclusion that the modern "healthcare" system as we know it is neither healthy nor caring.

This eventually caused me to change my career path and complete programs in chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. I continue to study a variety of different forms of medicine originating from both eastern and western philosophies to provide the most comprehensive care that supports my patients' and clients' needs.


The body talks to us and tells us when there is something wrong in a myriad of ways. All the systems of the body are interdependent of one another, and as your healer and trusted advisor, I listen to what your body's saying while teaching you the language (the signs and symptoms) your body is speaking as well. 


I, along with my colleagues, guide you through the process of finding the right approach for YOUR individual goals and needs. When working with us, you can trust that you will be heard and cared for in the most sincere way.


Thank you for considering us as a part of your health journey.


Rebecca Heise

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rebecca Heise is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Pennsylvania native whose love of holistic healing led her to pursue a career in massage therapy. She graduated from the Academy of Massage and Bodyworks in Pottstown and completed a Meridian Yoga Teacher Training. Her main focus is in honoring the feminine energy and bringing a healing touch to women feeling discomfort through every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Lauren Yegla

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

Since I was little, I wanted to have a career where I could help people. This lead to many years working in healthcare and providing emotional support to people in need. As a massage therapist, I have the opportunity to be more hands-on with clients, which is so fulfilling for me personally. My goal is to use my skills in massage as well as my experience as a Reiki practitioner to provide the best mind-body, therapeutic experience. As a woman and a mother, I have so much respect for the female body and the amazing things we can do - the greatest being growing and sustaining life inside us. Taking care of ourselves is imperative in order to take care of those around us. I look forward to supporting you along your journey!

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